OUR NAME has changed, OUR SUSTAINABLE PHILOSOPHY is still the same.

We are proud to announce that we changed our name from LTV Trans Environmental Services Co. to GREENPRO Environmental Co. The rebranding happened on April 4, 2016.



The main goal of GREENPRO Environmental Co. is to ensure sustainable development through our environmentally conscious solutions and qualified services. We are jointly working on our sustainability goals and at the same time we provide high level services to our clients.

GREENPRO Co. not only does hazardous and animal by-products transport, cleaning and maintenance services, we also recycle all the wastes we collect. From the collected amount of waste, we highly support the expansion of renewable energy resources: with the collected animal by-products and food waste we provide raw material supplies for biogas plants in Hungary.


GREENPRO Environmental Co. performs the following services with nearly twenty years of experience, all over Hungary:

  • Transport of hazardous wastes, organization and accomplishment of their disposal
  • Transport of animal by-products, organization and accomplishment of their disposal
  • Transport of food wastes, organization and accomplishment of their disposal
  • Transport of sludge and liquid wastes, hazardous wastes with tanker vehicle
  • Cleaning and maintenance of grease separators, oil separators and sludge-traps
  • Cleaning and maintenance of sewage raising structures
  • Cleaning of industrial and communal sewage systems
  • Preparation of hazardous waste declarations
Százhalombatta telephely Greenpro

GREENPRO Environmental Co. – Százhalombatta

Our company has complex transport licence for the whole country, for every type of hazardous wastes without any restriction on quantity. Keeping the regulations and prescriptions is one of the most important tasks for us because of our activity and partners; therefore we are actualizing and renewing our permits continually, and we do our work keeping the prescriptions of the current Hungarian and EU legislation.

Our trucks are the most modern ones, we are available between 0-24 hours, with well qualified professionals, from simple tasks to extremely complicated services.

For further information please contact us on info@greenpro.hu.